How Our Technology Works

Cloud Computing Keeps Us In Close Contact

We are able to work with dental practices in any location thanks to our cloud computing technology.  Simply put, we host your financial records in our secure data center so that we are always working from a single live file.  Even though our staff maintains your records on a weekly basis, you have access to the books 24/7 from any computer. The result is a very convenient, timely, secure, and transparent accounting system that make it seem as if we are right next door.

How Our Service Works

This chart shows how the process of maintaining your practice books is accomplished each month by our firm.  Our proven dental practice accounting system provides efficiency and convenience for you and your staff by allowing our accountants to maintain your financial records independently each week.

Your practice will be assigned a specific bookkeeper at our firm who will update your account each week, correspond with you if they have questions regarding any specific transactions, and perform the month-end reconciliations.  All work done by our bookkeepers is reviewed by our accounting manager or firm partner to ensure quality, and your financial statements are delivered to you via a secure online vault.