Practice Owner Support

Responsive Service

Our staff is committed to providing our member clients with exceptional accounting and business support.  We will serve as an important resource for your practice, and we want to be available and accessible for you:
  • There is no charge for routine phone calls or emails. 
  • All email and phone requests are responded to promptly. 
  • Our monthly newsletter will keep you informed of current events related to accounting and tax items for dental practices. 

Financial Record Archiving

As custodians of your practice financial records, we take significant efforts to safeguard and protect your data. Your QuickBooks file and tax records are stored in our secure data center which employs multi-redundant, daily backup. Our data center is SAS70 Type II certified which is very similar to the standards used by banking institutions. 

All of your important documents and tax forms are digitized and stored on our system.  You will have access to your own private secure vault to view or download the documents whenever you like, so they are always there when you need them.

Embezzlement Risk Reduction

Having a professional accounting firm manage your practice accounting is an excellent deterrent for fraudulent activity from employees who might otherwise think theft would go unnoticed. As part of our monthly accounting setup process, we will discuss how your front office is organized so that your have proper checks & balances in place to help minimize your risk exposure.

As a place to start, we feel that the best way to help ensure that your funds are properly accounted for each business day is to provide a segregation of duties for those tasks that involve the handling of your company’s cash and receivables. Simply put, this means that handling cash, recording receipts, making adjustments, and performing the bank deposit should be assigned to two or more competent and trusted employees.

From there, we can discuss your internal procedures with you and make recommendations so that you have adequate control in place to help prevent fraud.  Our staff has helped discover fraudulent activity of practice employees in the past, and we look forward to helping you monitor the financial activity of your practice.


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